Friday, March 26, 2010

A Letter to Mockers

It's a hard week! An opening line for today's post described that last week were not an easy week for me. Especially, about my appearance.

I know, I'm not one of that majority skinny girl. I'm Fat. In this place where i lived, my size is considered as BIG. It's OK right ? I mean, there is no such thing like "Fat is Forbidden" or anything like that. But apparently, we differ. We become the roots of all evil joke. The reason i said evil joke, because once we've got the "word" there's nothing we can do about that except smiling. fight back? more words to come. Get Angry ? "don't be so sensitive" they said. Keep silent? They thought we were OK with that. That's why the best thing to do is smile, cause it represents "Ok ok i'll get it .. i'm fat, can we continue?".

It is just a week full of pain. Am i over reacting ? I don't think so. cause i've cried so hard last night. Yes .. I can't even go to sleep, thinking " why they were so mean to us ?, did we do something wrong by being fat? ".

I know this post won't change anything. It would just become "let go all the pain" bla bla thing. This thing will continue to happen, and some people will still use us a joke tools and continue to mock us without a proper reason.

I'ts a pleasure thing that we can make you laugh just by seeing us, me personally really happy if we can entertain without even saying a thing. Our size do the talk.

But it is a BIG LIE if i say that i didn't get hurt, and cry inside.