Sunday, December 20, 2009


I Love today's Date ..
I Love The Movie
I Love You

Friday, December 11, 2009

Finally .. It's Him after all

Hehehe .. chessy alert!! This post is contain all the chessiness ... so be prepare .. hahahah

Sebenernya saya pribadi bukan orang yang suka dengan Public Display Affection. Kalo ada orang yang PDA di tempat umum, bawaannya suka menatap dengan tajam atau mendelik,atau bahkan ingin gwa dekati sambil bilang "get a room will ya". Tapi balik lagi, saya nggak se bold itu dan ... mereka bisa bales .. "siapa lu?" wahhh .. panjang deh. Well, enough the bla bla bla thing .. skip to the point.. Hummm .. Bisa dibilang saya bukan orang yang pandai mengekspresikan hal yang sesungguhnya, terutama soal perasaan saya. Saya emang ekspressionis, apa yang saya rasain ya itu tang keluar, tapi kalo berhubungan dengan "someone" .. humm .. I failed. Apa yang saya rasain kadang keluarnya beda, it's not a good thing people .. karena nggak semua orang ngerti maksud kamu apa. Hasilnya .. A lot of Missunderstanding Happend. Owch ..

And He came to my Life .. hihih.. lucu juga kalo inget2 kapan kita ketemu. Well actually, kita ada di dalam satu komunitas pecinta musik, I knew him for a long time. I've seen him before, performing with my friends crush. Hahah . Iyah,jadinya saya inget dia karena temen saya ngeceng temen band nya, but somehow .. I remember him playing the guitar nicely, at sometime in 2006, ketika kebetulan saya jadi MC di acara itu. I remember him, as a guitarist player with glasses. I dont know why I remember ..I just did. And then times goes by ...

After a while, I remember having an event and invite a band, But this time i cant barely remember that it his band. But now I know .. he remember me at that event. Then again .. we just smile formally at each other not saying a word or even doing a proper introduction. And again .. times goes by ...

This time, We have a chance to talk longer, or maybe should i say .. The beggining of a wonderful journey. Di suatu Episode acara radio saya, Produser saya pada waktu itu, memutuskan untuk mengundang dia sebagai pemerhati musik. " Oh aku tau .. cowok itu kan?" Itu reaksi saya pertama kali ketika Bapak Produser menyebutkan nama - nama yang akan datang. Selain itu juga, saat itu dia lagi dikenal sebagai cowok yang pake kaos girl band .. I thought he was just a die hard fan. And then he came ... nothing special happend, we just greet each other politely .. and the show change my opinion about him, he is not just a girlband fan .. but a very smart person, he knew almost everything especially about music. Well, i always easily amaze by smart people. And after that, our conversation is getting wider. Topiknya makin beragam, dan waktunya makin sering, well .. lumayan lah. Sampe akhirnya, masuk ke Bulan Mei 2009 ..

It all start in Mei 2009, we're getting closer and closer. Banyak kegiatan yang kita lakuin berdua, mulai dari temen band sampe jadi Produser acara. Belum lagi, rumah kita deket .. cukup sering dia mau nganter pulang. Finally, in September 2009, It all come out ..Our feeling is revealed. He said he already like me for a long time, and me too .. ternyata. And now, he become one of the most important person in my life.

I wanna thank You ..
For Understand me
For Knowing me
For Loving me
For Caring me
For Always try to be there for me
For wanting me for the rest of your life

I Love You

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Sick Garfield

Very Sick ... Not In a Good Mood ... Stay Away ..

Hahaha .. that was probably on his mind right now, doesn't seem to be friendly right ?
That is my garfield doing right now, he is very sick and not welcoming for some people and situation. I'm very sad seeing him this way. I really want him to get well soon.
He is working very hard for a past couple a days. Actually, I feel very bad cause i know he's not doing good that week, but I'm not even trying to tell him to get some rest. Poor Garfield .. I'm very sorry.

But, I learn something from here. I learn that I'm doing my mistake all over again. Well for me it's a mistake, since i know the bad effect from this. I really need to get out from this phase.
What Mistake Actually ?
My Mistake is I become very needy, I feel something different when i'm not around him. Owch It's cheesy .. Yes maybe it's chessy, but I realized that I depend on him for all my activity. He's always been there for me, and always try to accompany me, for everything i did. He's doing his best to prove that he will do anything for me. Some girl maybe like it, but this is the beggining of the mistake. This situation makes us feel we cant do anything without him while we know we can. Some guy take advantage of it by making us more dependable, but not him thankfully.

And now, it's up to me of course. Still become a needy or try to grab a grip on my own. Not because i dont love him, but if we depend on something too much, we would feel very lost when it's gone. Been there and dont want to do the same mistakes again.

Get well son hun, I'm missing you so much ^_^

Monday, December 7, 2009

Back on Track

It's an opening statement from me.. Back on Track!
It's been a while since I blogged, cause I'm so lazy even to write, or got so whiny at a slow net connection.
But now, I'll try to write again to share and to improve my english skill. Heheh .. help me ok? ^^
So where do I start now.. Blogging? Or make a teen lit?

Happy blogging