Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's 2011 - Day #1

2011 It's a just a number
It is up to us to consider it as a new year or just an ordinary day ..
But, as a marks for a new Journey, I'll make a few wishlists everybody else.
I post it in my twitter this morning.

MMXI or #2011wishlists : There will be more people who aware on this extreme climate change by something small. Put the litter on the bin.

And my other #2011wishlists is a better health for me,my big family,friends,even my enemy. Start with more exercise and live a healthy life.

Healthy Mind create Healthy Body. More people with positive thingking towards everything it's definetely a good start.Another #2011wishlist

Fixing my Habluminallah will be my first thing first for #2011wishlists .. Allah been good to me, and it is me the one who been ungrateful.

More Gig, More Extra Job and better Work at the Office were starting with "Ikhlas" and Skill Improving. Talk Less, Do more .. #2011wishlist

Salah satu #2011wishlists yg paling penting .. Semoga persalinan nya dilancarkan. Ibu anak dan ayah nya sehat. And live happily ever after.

And all my #2011wishlists that I can't mention all of it .. It will come true if you believe it and become a better person.

And to make all of that come true, start with something small .. Make another project of writing.

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